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Byron Tea Tree Mulch

tea tree mulch

Byron Tea Tree Mulch provides you with a fine or rough chop mulch. Our Tea Tree Mulch is beautiful, a dark rich mulch, which will enhance the look of any garden.

Byron Mulch Tea Tree Farm is a 100-acre tea tree farm. A family operated business. From maintaining the plantation, harvesting and distilling the farm, to the final stage of mulch sales and delivery. We deliver the best quality tea tree mulch to the public starting from a low price of $46.50 per metre plus delivery.

Byron Mulch

Mulch acts as a protective blanket. When added before summer, it helps keep the soil cool and reduces water loss through evaporation. Byron Bay summer conditions generally require a coarse mulch as the larger particles allow water penetration between them. Our rough course mulch locks together and is excellent for areas prone to wind & water erosion and great for sloping terrain.

While some mulches can be inorganic (eg. rocks/pebbles), Byron Bay Tea Tree mulch eventually break down and add organic matter to the soil whilst increasing good micro and macro organisms within your soil improving your soils health and structure which delivers the best sustainable growth for your trees, shrubs and plants. It does not draw moisture away from where it is needed, overheat surrounding plants, does not contain weeds, seeds or chemicals..
Sandy soils benefit from a thicker application. Heavy, clay soils perhaps don’t need so much. The ‘right amount’ usually varies from 100 – 150mm, depending on your garden.