What Agreement of Turkey Will End in 2023 in Urdu

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Turkey is a country that has been in the spotlight for several international agreements with other nations. One of the significant agreements that will be ending in 2023 is the Turkey-European Union Customs Union agreement.

The Turkey-European Union Customs Union agreement was signed in 1995 and came into force in 1996. The agreement allows Turkey to have free trade with the European Union member states, excluding agricultural products and services. The agreement was signed as a precursor to Turkey`s formal membership in the European Union.

However, the Turkey-European Union Customs Union agreement is set to expire in 2023, and there has been no news of its extension or renewal. The expiration of the agreement will have an adverse impact on Turkey`s economy, as it will face additional tariffs and restrictions while exporting goods to European Union countries.

Furthermore, Turkey`s relationship with the European Union has been on shaky grounds due to several issues such as human rights concerns, the Syrian refugee crisis, and the Aegean territorial dispute. These issues have made it challenging for Turkey to gain membership in the European Union and might also have an impact on the renewal of the customs union treaty.

In conclusion, the expiration of the Turkey-European Union Customs Union agreement in 2023 will have significant consequences for the Turkish economy. As of now, there is no news on whether the agreement will be extended or renewed, but it is crucial for Turkey to work towards maintaining healthy relationships with the European Union member states to secure its economic future.